Who we are

The church of Jesus Christ started in Jerusalem in Acts 2, when the Apostle Peter stood up and preached the first message, teaching that Jesus Christ is the Promised Messiah, the Son of God. Thousands of Jews were converted and baptised into Christ on that day. Since then, the church has grown to become a global. Starting out from Jerusalem and spreading to all corners of the world. This worldwide growth is part of the instruction given directly by Jesus to his disciples while he was on earth, called the Great Commission. The key objective of the followers of Jesus Christ is to seek and save the lost.

The congregation in Northampton, like those original believers in Jerusalem written about in Acts 2 follow the same teaching. We have the same faith, the same teaching, the same Biblical authority, the same baptism practice for conversion, and the same approach to evangelism. Any who follow the same pattern are therefore spiritual brothers and sisters of the early disciples.

The church of Christ in Northampton meets in the Christian Fellowship Centre, which was designed and built by local Christians and opened for worship in June 1984. The Centre is used by Christians who meet regularly for worship and Bible study. Our Centre is also used for various other purposes and we wish to provide a service to our local community.

We are people from many walks of life, sharing in the strengths and struggles common to all people. We are united in Jesus Christ and share a common desire to serve him by serving him and those around us. We put our trust in God and we zealously strive to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Him.

- Corner of Shadowfax Drive & Blackthorn Road Overstone Lodge
United Kingdom

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At Northampton Church of Christ we you can expect to share in an abundance of warmth, love, and compassion that Christ has shown to us. We will sincerely appreciate your worshipping with us. We pray that the worship will bless and encourage you. We also hope that you will want to return. Perhaps you are not in a congregation of the Church of Christ.

  • Each service to last one hour.
  • Thought-provoking and engaging sermons based on the Bible.
  • Singing and sharing in Christian fellowship
  • Fun teaching for your kids
  • Adult bible classes

Morning Worship - 10:30am
Tea and treats served between
Children and Adult Bible Class - 12:00noon

Online Bible Study: Wednesdays and Fridays via Zoom.

Ladies Bible Study: Every other Tuesday via Zoom.

Men's Day: Guest speakers, studying of scriptures, sharing of great food and fellowship.

Women's Day: Guest speakers, studying of scriptures, sharing of great food and fellowship.

Movie Nights: